• Image of Starchild Jupiter Candle

Magical Infusions
Jupiter ~ Wisdom, prosperity, spirituality, faith, hope, personal growth, protection, healing, guidance.

Jupiter - King of the Gods, spiritual vision, quest for meaning, optimism, faith and hope, expansiveness, joy, generosity, honour, morals and ethics, religious ideology, philosophy, broadening of the personal horizon, luck and good fortune.

Deities ~ Zeus, Indra, Thor, Donar, Thunor
Quality ~ Moderately hot, moist, fruitful, vital, expansive, genial
Colour ~ (Royal) purple, violet
Metal ~ Tin
Day ~ Thursday
Star Sign ~ Sagittarius/Pisces
Part Of The Body ~ Liver, metabolism
Challenge ~ Quest for meaning
Drive ~ Vision and hope, optimism.
Negative Expression ~ Bigotry and self-indulgence

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